General Info

QR-Patrol is the No1 real-time guard tour monitoring system available in
the security market. The implementation of QR-Patrol system skyrockets
the efficiency of security companies and offers the ability to upgrade their
services via smart technology. Some core features of QR-Patrol:

  • Mobile – smartphone technology use
  • Real-time email notifications
  • Cloud infrastracture – minimum cost required
  • Instant activities reports and history logs
  • GPS position tracking

In order to start with QR-Patrol, download the mobile application from the App store or Android Market:

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Connect to the events browser, running At user login screen enter demo & demo (user & pass) or click on “Free Test” button if you want to run QR-Patrol in Demo mode.

Eitherwise, enter your credentials (SID, ID and Pin if exists).

Run QR-Patrol mobile application!