Modify the Dashboard

When a dashboard is created or edited with QR-Patrol PRO Report Designer, it is suggested that the following tips should be kept in mind:

Alignment of items:

  • Use the computer’s arrow keys to move selected content one grid at a time.
  • Press the Ctrl key to move the selected content a single pixel at a time.

Selection of items:

  • The items on the context menu change depending on your selection. For example, the context menu might include the Delete Item or Delete Frame option, depending on whether you select a button or a frame.
  • If you select multiple items or frames, the context menu includes only options that apply to all selected items.
  • When you select multiple frames, the context menu includes several options that apply to the frames as a group, such as Hide all Scroll Bars and Delete Items.
  • Select multiple frames to change their sizes all at once. When you drag the edge of one frame, the other frames resize as well.

Relocated or deleted reports in dashboards:

  • When you delete a report with input controls from the dashboard, the controls are also deleted, but their labels remain.
  • Delete labels manually.
  • If a custom URL frame is mapped to a deleted input control, the server shows the default URL but does not pass the parameter.
  • Keep track of reports used in dashboards to prevent inadvertent deletion. The server deletes a report from a dashboard when you delete it from the repository or move it to a new location.

Embedded Dashboards:

  • A dashboard can include other dashboards unless a circular dependency is created. Do not attempt to add a dashboard to itself.
  • Multiple reports in a dashboard that refer to the same input control are controlled by that single input control.