The Formula Builder Tab

The Formula Builder Tab is where the user can create the formula for your calculated field or measure. This tab includes the following:

  • Formula Entry Box: This box displays the current formula that you use to calculate the fields or measures. Edit the formula by typing directly in the panel. You can add Fields, Measures, and Functions by double-clicking on them. The buttons below help you add operators in your formula. All formulas must use the following syntax rules:
    -> Field and Measure Labels must be in double quotes (“)
    -> Text must be in single quotes (‘)
    -> Levels must be in single quotes (‘)
  • Operator buttons: These buttons are used to insert the operators in the Formula Entry Box.
  • Fields and Measures: Here you can see all the listed fields and measures currently available in the Report including any calculated fields or measures that you have already created.
  • Functions: Here you can see listed all the available functions that can be used in your formula.
  • Function Description Panel: Provides you with a brief description of the function selected in the Functions list, if there are any.
  • Show arguments in formula checkbox: Select this checkbox and double-click a function name in the Functions list to add the full description of the Formula Entry Box. If you do not select the checkbox double-clicking a function name adds only the function.
  • Validate: This button will check if your formula has any syntax error like missing parentheses or quotes.