Viewing a Dashboard

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QR-Patrol PRO gives its gold users the access to the dashboards section. The following procedure is a guide on how to open a sample dashboard called My Dashboard.

  • Login to the web app with your credentials.
  • Go to Reports -> Custom Reports -> My Repository. There you will find your own personal cluster of folders. Navigate to the Dashboards Folder. You will find a resource named My Dashboard. Left click on the name to open the dashboard. Right click on the name to open the menu:
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Resource Options


View the dashboard

Run in New Tab

Opens a new window tab and displays the dashboard there

Run in Background

Opens the dashboard but keeps it open in the background. You have the option to open it any time you wish


Navigates you to the schedule menu where you can create a job where you decide when and how often your dashboard will be executed, printed, sent to an email etc.

Open in Designer

Edit your dashboard by adding, deleting and modifying its elements.


Move your resource to another file but still, have it in your original one


Move your resource to another file but removes it from your original one


Remove your resource permanently. You cannot retrieve it somehow afterward.



See what you are allowed to do with the selected resource


Opens a window where you can see the following properties of the resource:

Name: displays the name of the Dashboard

Description: displays info and the elements of the Dashboard

Path: displays the relative path of the Dashboard in our Server

Resource ID: displays the unique ID of the chosen Dashboard

Type: displays the type of the resource

Created Date: displays the month and day when the Dashboard was created

User Access: displays the permissions that the user has on this Dashboard