Branch offices


You can access your company’s branch offices panel by clicking on the top left “Company” tab and select “Branch Offices” as shown on the right.

You will be prompted to the following screen:

The panel is composed by a light blue toolbar of actions (Add Branch, Edit and Remove) and a list of your security company’s branch offices

Add a branch

By clicking “Add branch” a new page (as shown right) will appear.

Fill-in the details for the new Branch and press on the button Confirm. After completing the addition, the newly created Branch office should appear in the list of Branch offices.

Edit a branch

To edit a Branch office, select one from the list of your company’s Branch offices and click on “Edit”; a new page appears, containing 5 panels:
You are able to edit the data under “Details” panel, as well as manage the list of associated Users/Clients/ Checkpoints/Guards.
For Example: Click on the Gear icon available on the Clients panel. A new page will appear (as shown below) containing:
Assign a Client to the Branch by simply clicking on the respective checkbox. By pressing the green arrow the Client appears in the list of the assigned Clients. In the same way, you can remove Clients from the list of assigned Clients by simply clicking on the Client checkbox and clicking on the blue arrow.
In the same way, you can manage the list of associated Users/ Checkpoints/Guards.

Note: Clients can login with their own credentials and monitor (only) the actions of the Guards that have taken place to their own sites!

Remove Branches

To remove a branch you must first select one from the list of branches of your Company.

After selecting one from the list, you can click “Remove” – a pop-up window will appear which will prompt you to transfer all relevant entities (users, clients, etc.) of that branch to another one. Press “Confirm” to delete it from the Branches list.

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