Schedules management


Schedules are the scheduled patrols (guard tours) assigned to each guard. A schedule is a predefined guard tour, which includes specific checkpoints that should be scanned between a specific time interval.

You can access the Schedules panel by clicking on the top Navigation Bar on the “Routes” tab, and selecting “Schedules (New)” as shown on the right image.


On the upper left Schedules panel (Day, Week, Month), you have the option to choose the respective View for your Schedules. The default View is the Month view. You can also see a daily list of your Schedules, by pressing the List button.
*Draft/Past Schedules appear in grey color , whereas Activated Future Schedules appear in blue.

Add a schedule

To add a Schedule, press on the Add button available on the upper right Schedules panel.

You can now define a description (name) for this Schedule, one or more guards to accomplish it, as well as all the necessary checkpoints, time intervals and options regarding the route.

Loose Schedule

On a Loose Schedule, you don’t specify the Scanning Time per Checkpoint, rather you define the Scanning Time Range for the whole Schedule.

Strict Schedule

On a Strict Schedule, each Checkpoint has a specific Scanning Time Range.


Fill in the rest information so as to complete your Schedule


Select how often you wish your Schedule to be repeated and when you wish those recurrences to stop!


Το save your Schedule as draft, leave Activated checkbox un-checked. To activate your Schedule, check the Activated checkbox. Activated Schedules cannot be altered afterwards!


Finally press on Save button!

Edit schedule

To Edit a Schedule, click on it and press on the Edit button, available on the upper right Schedules panel.

For Non-Activated Schedules, you can make any amendment you wish. For Activated Schedules, you have 2 options:

Copy schedule

To Copy a Schedule, click on it and press on the Copy button, available on the upper right Schedules panel. The pop-up page displays a copy of the target schedule, in order to edit it as you wish.

The Activated checkbox is always un-checked to Copied Schedules, so make sure you check it if you wish to activate your new (copied) Schedule!

*Copy function is especially useful for making changes to Activated Schedules: Copy the target Schedule, perform any desired updates (make sure you press on Activated checkbox after you are done with all the changes!) and Save it! Don’t forget to also End the Old Schedule!

Video Tutorial

By watching the video tutorial, you will be able to learn how to easily manage your schedules using the new advanced web application schedule interface!

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