Action’s Bar icons


If the user presses the expand button, then a menu with 2 options appear. The two options are “Mute” and “Deafen”.

If “Mute” icon is pressed then the user mutes himself from the rest users in the channel; additionally the icon in front of the target guard’s id turns from microphone to a microphone with an obligate line.

If the user presses “Deafen”, he isolates himself from the channel (i.e. cannot talk or listen to the channel); additionally the icon changes.

If the user presses on the walkie talkie icon then the color of the icon turns red and the user can use the volume button of his device as PTT button.

Finally, if the user presses the QR – Patrol icon then QR – Patrol app opens and QR – PTT continues to run on the background.

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