QR-Patrol’s Report Designer gives the user the option to add fields to a crosstab as rows or column groups. The measures can be added to the rows or columns of the crosstab but cannot be added to both of them. Either all of them will be added to columns or the rows of the crosstab.

Adding a field or measure to a crosstab group

  • Go to the Data Source Selection Panel and click to select the fields you wish to add to the crosstab as a group. Use the Control + Click shortcut to select more than one item.
  • Drag and drop the selected items into the Columns or Rows box in the Layout Band.


Crosstab Measures

  • Measure labels will be displayed in the crosstab based on their status as a row or column:
    The measures that are included as rows will appear in the crosstab below the Measures
  • The measures that are included as columns will appear in the crosstab to the right of the Measures


Right click on a measure in the crosstab to enable the context menu that will provide the following:

  1. Change the Summary Calculation
  2. Change Time Balance Calculation
  3. Change Data Format
  4. Remove From Crosstab
  5. Create Filter
  6. Move up or Move Down or Move Left or Move Right


  • Measure are arranged in cells
  • You are able to add any number of measures you wish
  • All the measures will appear together in every cell
  • Rearrange the measures by dragging them in the measure label area.
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