Scan Checkpoints

By pressing on “Scan” button, you have 5 choices:
* Keep in mind that beacons, forms and virtual checkpoint options will appear only if the respective settings are activated through the web application of Qr-Patrol.

Scan QR - Codes

Select Scan QR-Code to start the Camera of your smartphone.

When a chekpoint is scanned and the smartphone is connected to the Internet, an event is sent immediately to the monitoring center via the cloud server. The same occurs for any incident sent to the cloud server (e.g. test, SOS, etc) and the monitoring center is informed in real-time for any occuring incident.

Scan Beacons

In order to scan beacons, you must enable bluetooth and location in your smartphone settings.

Press the Scan Button:

A list of enabled beacons will appear.

Select the beacon you are going to scan and press on the button:

A beacon scan event will be sent immediately to the web server.
Beacons are small transmitters that connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices like smart phones. They’re commonly used in marketing to send messages to an app based on proximity to the beacon, but they’re also used in asset tracking, indoor navigation, and other use cases.

Scan NFC tags

In order to scan an NFC tag, just place your smartphone above the NFC tag and send the scan event.
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