Report Incidents


If you want to report an Incident or emergency, press the Incident button on the main patrol screen.

The Incidents list will appear *:

Note: For the Incidents list to appear, the Manager first needs to create Incident Types through the Web App. More information can be found here .

To report an Incident, simply select it from the list; you can also report multiple Incidents at once.

Add Multimedia elements to an Incident

If you want to add a more detailed description to your Incident, press the Add MME button.

In the next screen, you can capture multiple photos, a video/sound recording, and add your text and signature.

Assign Incidents to Clients/Sites

Assigning an Incident to a Client/Site is useful as it will associate it with the respective location, meaning that the Clients can receive a notification of what happened in real time (more information here .

It is also helpful for the Managers in control, as they can quickly identify the location of the Incident and save time from investigation.

To assign an Incident to a Client/Site, press the Assign Checkpoint button; from there, select the type of checkpoint you want to scan and scan it – that’s it!

If there is no checkpoint around, you can utilize the List option**; simply press the Select from a List option and find the one that you want to assign the Incident to.

Note: For the List option to appear, the Manager first needs to enable the relevant setting on the Guard’s edit page. More information can be found here .
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