Creating a condition

To create a condition, follow the steps below:
  • Run your report
  • Click on the header or field of the column you want to format.
  • Move your mouse over the icon and select the Formatting…
  • Click the Conditional Formatting tab and you will see the formatting window opens.
  • Go to the Apply to box and select the part of the column you want to apply your formatting to.
  • Click Add to add a line item in the Conditions List.
  • Fill the following information:
-> Operator: use the drop-down menu to define how the condition is compared to the column data. -> Condition: enter the criteria -> Format: select the formatting applied to fields meeting the defined conditions.
  • Repeat the process to add multiple conditions.
  • Click on previous and next columns to add conditions there.
  • Click on OK to apply the changes.

With conditional formatting, you can apply the options listed in the Column Formatting but also includes some more advanced options including:

  • Condition Hierarchy: after you create your formatting you can move the conditions on the top or the bottom of the other conditioning. Then the top condition will override the bottom ones.
  • Condition Button States: conditions that are higher up in the hierarchy can affect those below them so the font style selection buttons each have three states:

-> Unchanged: It inherits the previous condition-based style if it exists.

-> Set: the style is applied to the text matching the condition.

-> Not Set: the style is not applied to the text that meets the condition and is removed if a confliction condition is lower in the hierarchy has marked that style as

The Background Color Picker has the same buttons but the three states are slightly differentiated:

-> Unchanged: the field inherits the previous condition-based style if it exists.

-> Set: the color is applied to text or background on the field that meets the condition.

-> No Fill (background only): no color is applied to the background that meets the condition.

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