Add Virtual checkpoints


A Virtual Checkpoint essentially is a defined area (focal point with a range) where a guard can go through, perform a Scan and possibly some other task (just like with QR-Codes, beacons and NFC tags).

If the guards’ device location is within the area defined by a Virtual Checkpoint, then the system automatically sends a Scan event for that Virtual checkpoint.

There is even a Manual Scanning mode for Virtual Checkpoints, for full system flexibility!

Setting up the System – Defining Virtual Checkpoints

a) Text fields: Insert the “Latitude”, “Longitude” and “Geofence Radius” (in meters) to define where your Virtual Checkpoint will be located.

b) Map: Alternatively, you can make use of the map:

Setting up the System - Defining Guards Rights

The system allows you to select which of your guards can make use of the Virtual checkpoints feature, as well as how they can use them (automatic/manual mode):
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