Events Browser


Logging into the web application, you can now access the full functionality of QR-Patrol. The central screen of the application consists of all the neccesary information and actions in order to immediately manage patrols and guard tours and gain full control over your officers’ activities.


At the top you can see the main toolbar of the application, with the following options:


Basic Navigation Bar

Navigate through all the basic options of QR-Patrol web application such as Company, Clients, Routes and Reports.


Help / Settings options

Change the language of QR-Patrol application (English, Spanish, Italiano, Greek, Russian, German, Portuguese) and login settings.


Guards section

Select guard(s) in order to view all available patrols or make a specific action (track guard, send message, mute, etc.)


Tours section

View all tours for the selected guard(s) by selecting dates, client, site and export data to excel or PDF format.



Monitor all guards’ activities on the map and select a specific circle area in order to see all guard’s activities in this area.


Events section

For submitted events, you can see more details such as event location, photos, voice recordings, notes or signature of the guard.
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