QR-Patrol Web Application Video Tutorial


By watching the video tutorial, you will be able in less than 10 minutes to fully organize and manage a guard tour, by assigning patrols to your security officers and getting alerts and notifications.

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Immediately get alerted if someone is on PANIC mode
  2. Send Text messages to Guards / Lone Workers
  3. Review all the incoming messages (inc MME details with image,sound,text messages)
  4. Real time guard position using the “Track” feature
  5. Retrieve point address and the ability to export the selected patrol in KML format (used by Google Maps and third party GPS Applications)
  6. Produce low level detail reports in PDF and Excel format (selected patrol)
  7. Create, Remove and Edit Incidents
  8. Edit Guards (change display name,assign pin code etc.)
  9. Edit, Assign or Remove Checkpoints
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