Checkpoint bulk edit

You can also bulk add, delete and edit multiple checkpoints at once, updating easily your data.

Checkpoint bulk add

By pressing Company -> Checkpoints and then the “Add” button, you will be able to choose between the 4 checkpoint types (QR-Code, NFC, Beacon, VR Point) that we offer in order to create at least one or more. Once the creation is successful, then you will be navigated to the grid page that will also contain the new checkpoints.

Checkpoint bulk deletion

You can easily delete one or multiple pre-existed checkpoints of the account by going Company -> Checkpoints, selecting them and pressing the “Delete” button.

Checkpoint bulk edit

In case that you have selected more than one checkpoint and press the “Edit“ button, the following pop-up window appears in order to bulk edit them. You can re-assign them to a specific Branch Office/Client/Site, re-name them and lock/unlock them. More specifically, “LOCK”: locks the checkpoints in order not to be editable from the mobile app by the staff, “UNLOCK”: unlocks the checkpoints and the “UNCHANGED”: the lock/unlock pre-existed setup for the selected checkpoints will not change.

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