QR-Patrol PRO Report Designer – Create own personal Reports


QR-Patrol PRO provides the ability to create personal fully customizable immersive reports in order to suit the company’s needs. With the reporting tool is possible to explore, analyze and visualize data from the company’s domain with restricted access. In the following section, every aspect and feature of the Report Designer is thoroughly explained.

QR-Patrol PRO Report Designer is an interactive tool for creating views of reports: tables, crosstabs, and charts. Views can be created by dragging and dropping the selected elements. It is also possible to add and summarize various fields, define groups, label reports and change the format of the data on each field. The effects of changes take place immediately and are possible to set the display to show the most compelling and relevant aspects of available data. The Report Designer also provides the analysis option to help recognize threads and outliers in the data.

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