View scheduled jobs for an individual report or dashboard


Scheduled jobs will appear in the repository folder along with an    icon which will appear on the left of the report or the dashboard. In order to view the list of the jobs for a report or a dashboard find its location inside the repository, click on the icon or right click on the name of the report and select the Schedule option from the context menu. After that, the schedule page will appear on the screen displaying information just like the Schedule page.


The user can filter the search results for the scheduled jobs in the repository using the following available options:

Any schedule

Shows both scheduled and unscheduled reports


shows all the scheduled reports

Scheduled by me

shows only the scheduled reports that were created by the user

Not Scheduled

shows only the reports that are not assigned to run by a schedule

The Scheduled Jobs page also includes the following buttons:


takes you back to your repository

Create Schedule

Opens the Schedule tab to create a new Job

Run Now

opens the scheduler and allows you to run the job immediately

Refresh List

refreshes the list of jobs

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