Perform a patrol as a Guard through the Mobile app


1. Download the QR-Patrol Mobile app on your mobile device and try to log in with your Guard ID by pressing the “Login” button.

2. Press the “Start” button, to start your patrol.

3. Afterwards, the main patrol screen appears and it contains 4 main buttons:
You can Scan a checkpoint (Scan button), send an MME (Multimedia button), (with images, video, text, signature), submit an Incident from the predefined list (Incident button) or send an SOS alert by pressing the respective button on the bottom of the mobile screen.

4. When you finish your patrol, just press the “End” button.

All the sent events by the mobile app are submitted in the web app in real time (i.e. via Wi-Fi or mobile data), but even if there is no adequate internet connection at the time, they will be stored locally and will be sent later on, when the internet
connection is established.

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