View your List of Created Scheduled Jobs


After the creation of the schedules jobs, the user will be able to see them in his repository. The user must then go to the folder he has defined in the previous step (Output Destination) and in this location, there will be a list of the scheduled jobs.

QR-Patrol users will have the option to see the jobs that only they have created so your work is safe. A search option will be available inside the page to look for specific jobs that he wants to see.   

The Schedules page shows (as you can see in the picture above) the name of the scheduled report or dashboard, the repository URL of the job, the internal ID number of the job, the user who created the job (who is also the owner of the job) and the state of the job. The job states are the following:


The job is normally scheduled


The Server is generating the output


The Server has finished running the job and has moved the output to the folder you have decided in your repository


The job has been stopped (disabled). Click on the Enabled option to continue running it.


The scheduler has encountered an error while scheduling or starting the job. This only applies when the job fails on those steps, it will not show an error if the job has successfully started but encountered the error while it runs


The scheduler encountered an unknown error while trying to start

The Scheduler page also contains the following controls:

Enabled Checkbox – When you check this checkbox, the job will run normally at the scheduled times. If you uncheck it, the job will pause.

– by clicking on this icon, you can edit your schedule and apply the changes you have made.
– by clicking on this icon, your schedule will be deleted permanently.

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