The repository is the storage given to the user so he can create, delete and modify his Adhoc views, reports, dashboards, images, and schedules. It is organized as a structure of folders containing the resources similar to a file system. However, unlike a file system, the repository is only accessed by clients who use the PRO version of the product.

To browse the repository, go to menu à My Repository. Here you can find the folder with the name of your company and the subfolders it contains. By clicking you can expand and see the contents of each folder.
In the folder Adhoc Views you can save, edit and delete predefined views for future usage. You can also use the search option to find your content by name.

To search all resources in the repository:

  • select one of the filters: All available, Modified by me and Viewed by me
  • click on the x icon in the search field to clear the search term if there is any
  • select All types, as shown in “Search Results Page”
  • click on the magnifying glass icon

The search results now appear with all your files that you have permission to view. View the resource by left clicking on it or right click to see what functions are available. Our system also saves your search settings so you can easily view your desired resources the next time you log in.

Filter Search Reports

Entering a search term and pressing on the icon does not cause the server to use filters. It uses the default setting for the search which is:

  • Include subfolders
  • Start at the top folder visible to the user
  • Searches for reports and other resources
  • Sorts them alphabetically by name

You can refine your search results using the filters like:

  • User
  • Resource
  • Access time
  • Scheduled report

The user type filter contains the following settings:

Filter SettingDescription
All Available (default)All resources
Modified by meSelects only resources that were last modified by the user who’s logged in
Viewed by meSelects only resources that were run and viewed by the user who’s logged in. This filter not only applies to visualization types but also to resources that are included in reports such as images

The resource type filter contains the following settings:

Filter Setting


All types (default)

All resources


Displays only reports, both JRXML reports and Ad Hoc reports

Report outputs

Displays only the output from reports that were scheduled to run in the background. Report output can be any of the supported export types, such as HTML and PDF


Displays only dashboards

OLAP views

Displays only analysis views


Displays only domains (unavailable)

Data Sources

Displays only data sources (unavailable)

The access time filter has the following settings. All times are relative to the user’s effective time zone:

Filter Setting


Any time (default)

All resources


Resources viewed or modified since the previous midnight


Resources viewed or modified the previous day ending at midnight

Past week

Resources viewed or modified during the past 7 days including today

Past month

Resources viewed or modified during the past 30 days, including today

Finally, the scheduled report filter has the following settings:

Filter Setting


Any Schedule (default)

All resources


Only reports that have scheduled jobs

Scheduled by me

Only reports that have jobs scheduled by the currently logged in user

Not scheduled

Only reports that do not have scheduled jobs and all other resource types


  • Use word fragments
  • Search for the display name or part of the display name of the resource.
  • Search for words or fragments in the description of the resource.
  • Use multiple words.
  • Use either upper or lower case letters in search terms.
  • Do not search for folder names.
  • Do not enter quotes.
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