Mobile Forms Management

IMPORTANT NOTE: The below guide refers to the old Mobile Form builder which will soon be deprecated. If you are still using the old builder, we strongly advise you to apply the new one once you get familiarized with it, by pressing “Apply new Mobile Form builder”. You can find more information and guidance on the New Mobile Form builder here .

Mobile Forms can be used to send instructions/questionnaires to your employees, ask them questions, or even let them freely fill in any comments or information related to specific Checkpoints/ Sites, they want to share with the monitoring center!

You have total control over Mobile Forms creation, as they are fully customizable.

A Mobile Form can consist of 6 Element types:

  1. Header (Read only – can be used to name the form for instructions/tasks addressed to the guard, or other information the manager would like to add)
  2. Text Input (Single-line input – can be used for short comments/information the employee would like to share with the Monitoring center)
  3. Image (Read only – can be used to add an image for display purposes)
  4. TextArea (Multi-line input – can be used by the employee for more detailed reporting)
  5. Radio (Can be used for single choice selections)
  6. Checkbox (Can be used for multiple choice selections). Select (Dropdown list – can be used for single choice selections)

Adding a new form

Once you decide which Mobile Form Element Types you will include in your form, you can start setting it up by following the steps below:


Define number of Mobile Form Elements: On the first screen, you can add/delete Form Elements (i.e. lines) as per your requirement for the new form (under this step, you only define the number of Mobile Form elements you would like to add – not their types); once ready, press “Next”


Define Form Elements Types: On the second screen, by clicking on a previously added Form Element (line), a pop-up window will appear where you can select the Element’s type (see “First Things First!” section); after you select a type, more settings will appear under “Edit Properties” section, for you to edit and fully customize it!
The following list presents the available Properties per Element Type:

Refer to the list if you require further instructions for each Property

Almost done! Press “Next”


Once you have created your form, you have to assign checkpoint(s) to it: this way the Mobile Form will appear to the Guards when scanning it, in order to fill-it!

You can assign checkpoints to a Mobile Form by following the steps below:

While on the Mobile Forms page, press on the “Assigned Checkpoints” button Under Actions column; the system opens a pop-up page with the Company’s checkpoints.

Select the checkpoint(s) of your choice by clicking on the target checkbox.
Press on “Save” button. Your Form has been fully set-up! Now, every time a Guard scans some checkpoint assigned to a Mobile Form, the related Mobile Form will appear for them to fill-it!

Allow the Guard to send a Mobile Form without physically scanning a checkpoint

If you want your Guards to send a Mobile Form without physically scanning a checkpoint, you can do so by following the steps mentioned below:
Your Guards will now be able to find and fill-in a Mobile Form without physically scanning a checkpoint, by pressing the “Scan” button in their mobile application and choosing “Mobile Forms”.

View Mobile Forms Answers (Filled-out Forms)

You can check the answered Mobile Forms on the Events Browser either one by one (option 1) or in bulk (option 2):

  1. Completed (in such case, you can see the Guard’s filled-in details by pressing on the “View Form” button)
  2. Not Completed (if the Guard performed the checkpoint scan but skipped filling the Form)
  3. Not Available (if the checkpoint is not associated with any Form)

You can now check the guard’s reply in a pop-up window and proceed with your work.

Alternatively, you can export all the submitted Mobile Forms in bulk or all the responses of a specific Mobile Form, by following the steps below:

1) Go to the Events Browser and select the related Guard(s) and Tour(s)

2) Add the “FORMS ATTACHED” filter by pressing on the filters tab of the Events Browser in order to get on the left side all the Scan Events that include a submitted Mobile Form

3) On the left, there will be available the “Print All Forms” button. By pressing on it, you have the following options:
     i) “Export to PDF“: export all the submitted, filled-in Mobile Forms to a PDF file
    ii) “Export to Excel“: export all the submitted, filled-in Mobile Forms to an Excel file
   iii) “Choose a mobile form“: select a specific Mobile Form for which you would like to extract all relevant submitted responses

After downloading the app, they will be asked to fill in their unique Guard ID and PIN (if exists) and just by pressing the “Login” button, they will be able to start their patrol.

The Guards’ IDs can be found on the Web app, under “Company” -> “Guards” tab.

Through this app, they can simply submit different types of Events like (Scan, Incidents, and MME and send them in real-time to the Web app. The Guard has also the ability to press the SOS button in case he is in an emergency, in order for the manager to be informed asap.

Every sent event from the Mobile application will be uploaded in real-time to the web application via the internet, either via Wi-Fi or via mobile data.

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